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Wood working side

Hello there, I am rather a simple no non-sense person who prefers many old school concepts. When it comes to woodworking I believe in 100% wood not glued up saw dust, ok I will use ply wood. I think that if you are going to take the time to build something that it should out last the maker. It should be made to the best of ones ability. Perhaps the box store can sell you one cheaper today and next year but don't plan on handing it down to the next generation. Personally I would rather pay a little more today for something that is going to last than save a  couple of bucks and buy it again and again.

Honeybee side

I am rather new to honeybees getting my first hive in June of 2016. It has proved to be a quite interesting first year. Trying my first cutout within a week of getting a bee suit. Needless to say things did not go as planed. Made 5 attempts at cutouts within the first two months of getting into bees. The last being the most succesfull staying with me for a full three weeks before absconding. Throughout the fall and winter I read and Youtubed as much information as I could and between April and May of 2017 I caught 10 swarms in catch boxes and did 5 cutout which are all doing fine.